2021 Oct 278 – PhD Defense, Icaro Simon
Icaro Simon defended his PhD thesis titled “Structural and mechanistic insights into the subtype and functional selectivity of serotonin receptors”. The defense was held at University of Copenhage and online with a  reception afterwards.
2021 Jun 18 – PhD Defense, Cecilie Bonnesen
Cecilie Bonnensen defended her PhD thesis titled “Towards structure determination of serotonin 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C receptors – construct optimisation and crystallization”. The defense was held online with a physical reception afterwards.
2021 Apr – 5-HT1A, D, E structures published in Nature
Icaro Simon analyzed novel cryo-EM structures for the publication “Structural insights into the lipid and ligand regulation of serotonin receptors”.
2021 Jan – Ligand database published in Nucleic Acids Research
 Alibek Mamyrbekov published his ligand database as part of the gold open access publication “GPCRdb in 2021: integrating GPCR sequence, structure and function”.

2018 Oct 22-25 – 1st Annual meeting, review meeting + 2-day training

SAFERs 1st Annual Meeting (Oct 22) featured scientific presentations from PhD students, which also meet with their complete supervisor teams. In the mid-term meeting (Oct 23) the whole consortium met with the EU Project Officer to discuss recruitment, training, preliminary results and exchange of knowledge. The two final days featured training planned by the PhD students in modelling and pharmacology, respectively.

2018 Jun 30 – SAFER crystallography supervisor Louise Nikolajsen featured on scienceandsociety.eu

Louise Nikolajsen is the practical academic supervisor for SAFERs crystallography. Through an exchange programme, MAX4ESSFUN granted to SAFER senior supervisors Jette Kastrup, UCPH and Derek Logan, Lund University she conducted a joint project on the serotonin 5-HT2C receptor – the primary off-target of ligands for the SAFER target, 5-HT2A.